Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I consider a Muesing Management community when choosing a new apartment home?

A: Muesing Management is a locally owned and managed property management company. For over 30 years it has been our goal to provide the very best in apartment living at a reasonable cost to you. Which means we pay closer attention to the appearance, day-to-day management and general operation of our apartment communities. Often, out-of-state owners and/or management companies neglect and fail to pay close attention to the needs and upkeep of their properties.  Our executives live in Indianapolis.  They play an active role in the day-to-day operation of our communities, and often visits and drive through each property personally in order to make sure they are kept in the best possible condition and to assure that it will be a place you will be proud to call "home".

Q: Why does Muesing Management have a "NO PET POLICY" at some of their apartment communities?

A: From past experience we have found that the majority of prospects looking for an apartment home appreciate the fact that we do not allow animals for the following reasons:

  1. Barking disturbances are virtually eliminated. Therefore, a more peaceful, quiet environment is created;

  2. Pet "messes" in and around the property grounds are near non-existent. The result is a cleaner, neater property that residents, their guests, children, etc. can walk through without fearing where you step. This creates a healthier atmosphere for everyone.

  3. Less fear of vicious animals biting or threatening you, your family and guests;

  4. Smaller chance of confronting unruly animals that are loose and unleashed, running through the property infringing on your space and violating your privacy;

  5. Pet damage to the apartments, building common hallways and patio areas is virtually eliminated, creating a much nicer and cleaner-smelling apartment for prospects (YOU!).

We feel that by having a "NO PET POLICY" you, in turn, will discover that living at a Muesing Management apartment community will be a more pleasant experience.

Small pets are welcome at many of our communities.  See each community for details.

Q: What options do I have regarding lease lengths?

A: Prospective residents should check with the specific Muesing Management apartment communities that they are most interested in as lease lengths offered do vary from community to community, depending on several factors (i.e.: time of year, unit availability, etc.) Some communities offer either a 3, 6, and 12 month lease lengths, depending on specific circumstances, while others may offer only a 12 month lease. Month-to-month lease lengths are available only after the initial lease (the lease which is signed at time of move in and/or the most current lease) has been fulfilled.  Month-to-month rent is based on "market" rent plus an additional monthly premium.

Q: How much notice is required prior to moving out of one of Muesing Management Company's apartment communities?

A: Written notice must be given by the resident and received at the rental office of the apartment community at which they reside sixty (60) days prior to the expiration of a current lease.  Again, please check with the specific apartment community you are interested in for more details regarding their move out notice requirements.

Contact the Property Manager at the Muesing community that you are the most interested in for more details.